New Volunteer-Alan Clyne

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Dear Family and Friends, I pray this letter finds you well. As most of you know, I recently retired from the military. On that day, a whitehaired man approached me and asked if I was ready to go to work for real? My head silently responded; “I thought this was real work.” My heart knewContinue Reading

They Made My Treasurer Cry

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Understand that our church treasurer is a calm, co-operative, stable person. The only time I’ve seen her shed tears was when her beloved husband died. But they made her cry. It happened because we brought in World Mission Builders to do a “church raising”. They do labor cost free on a dried in building shell.Continue Reading

Bill Mieir, New Hope Christian…Belton, MO

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Dear Joe, I want to thank you and your remarkable workers for the great job you did for us on our building. Our engineer/architect was truly amazed at how volunteers could be molded into a working unit and turn out a high quality product. We would call the church raising at Belton a huge successContinue Reading