They Made My Treasurer Cry

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Understand that our church treasurer is a calm, co-operative, stable person. The only time I’ve seen her shed tears was when her beloved husband died. But they made her cry.

It happened because we brought in World Mission Builders to do a “church raising”. They do labor cost free on a dried in building shell. We watched the building going up beautifully. The workers were organized, effective and truly Christ like. But midweek I went in to check on some things with the treasurer and they had made her cry.

She was writing checks for the construction and several small to expensive bills had been already been paid by our guest workers! They came to work for free and helped us pay for some of the materials! The sense of loving, emotional support for our church was overwhelming. So much so they made my treasurer cry for joy. And for the only time during my eight building programs, this old preacher wept because I too felt the love of Christ embracing His church.

We got our building up. We are encouraged because of the hearts of the workers. Even better, a spirit of revival is filling the congregation. All because those loving Christians lived in such a way they made my treasurer cry for joy.

Bill Mieir
New Hope Christian Church
Belton, MO