Digger the gopher is our mascot.  He has his own facebook page. At the present time, Digger has three responsibilities:

#1 Digger writes a column in the newsletter that Joe & Fae send out.  He is somewhat of a tattle tail providing useful and non-sensible information about the goings and comings of the Wilsons.

#2 Digger has a facebook page that he uses to report news about the Wilsons and various projects.

#3 Digger is responsible for paying the water bill.   As you are aware, paying the water bill is very important.  Because if you don’t pay the water bill, they will turn off your water and that’s bad.  That is the reason we need additional support so that Digger will be able to pay the water bill.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to:

Church Growth Ministries
431 North Oakwood Rd
Enid, OK 73703-3711

Please mark the memo section of your check “Digger’s Water bill”.

Find Digger on Facebook!

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