Excitement is continuing to grow for the building of a beautiful cabin/lodge at Christ 40 Acres in Southeast Oklahoma.  

  • Roger Simpson, WMB volunteer from Kiowa, KS, is going to demo an old building and start site work in December.  The foundation and rough-in plumbing is scheduled to be completed before Christmas. 
  • Project barn-raising is schedule for April 24-May 4, 2017.   
  • $50,000.00 in matching funds has been committed.  All cash gifts will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000.00.  (Matching funds – Phase One – by Harold & Jane, Ed & Pat, Wayne & Marlene, Ric & Bea, Larry & Gracie, Joe & Fae.)
  • Glenn Short has completed the architectural plans.  (52 pages).
  • We are in Phase Two of our fund-raising.  CHALLENGE we need 20 individuals or churches as investors at $5,000.00 each.  Commitments to date – Nathan & Anndria, Reggie, Bob & Liz, Larry & Gracie, Philip & Sherry, Bob & Kathy, Bruce & Myrna, plus several other individuals and churches in process.
  • Please carefully read the details later in this blog. 
  • This facility is much needed and will be used extensively by individuals, groups, families, and programs sponsored by Kiamichi Mts. Christian Mission.  WMB investors & volunteers will have priority use.
  • We need several more $5,000.00 investors!  We don’t need any money today but we need to know about your commitment.  Please call contact Joe & Fae at (580)747-2550 or joe@rjoewilson.com to communicate your commitment to being an investor.
  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING and be thankful for God’s blessings on the many ministries of World Mission Builders.