Past Projects


Since joining World Mission Builders in May 1999, we have participated in the following projects:


November 1999 – Mulhall Built a new 2000 sq. ft. parsonage that was destroyed in a tornado.
June 2000 – Kansas Framed a 2000 sq. ft. home for Walter & Patty Duke near Cookson Hills Children’s Home.
September 2001 – Haileyville Project coordinator in building a 1500 sq. ft. parsonage for First Christian Church.
November 2001 – Weatherford Project coordinator in building a 12,000 sq. ft. worship and educational facility for Southwestern Christian Church.
Sept/Oct 2002—Mannford At Sunset Bible Camp helped erect four dormitories of 2000+ sq. ft each
December 2002 – Tulsa Dry in East Tulsa Christian
April 2004– Lenox Completed frame up the inside of their new worship/educational metal building
September 2004 – Perkins Remodeled East exterior wall of Christian Church. Took off siding, installed five new windows, installed hardiboard, painted, built porch and installed shingles.
April 2005– Perkins Replaced west exterior wall of Christian Church. Took off siding, insulating, installed three new windows, installed hardiboard siding.
June 2006- Durant Framed up their new 4200 sq. ft. worship/education facility for University Church of Christ
January 2007- Oklahoma City Forest Hill Christian Church. Frame up sanctuary and classrooms inside new metal building.
June 2007- Honobia Begin restoration of original church built in 1947.
October 2008 – Oklahoma City Framed up a new 10,000 sq. ft. worship/education facility for Westside Christian Church
April 2009 – Perkins Converted garage into a bedroom, replaced North exterior wall with hardiboard siding.
September 2009 – Taft, OK. Built a 4900 sq. ft. chapel on the grounds of Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center
September 2010-Alva, OK Erected 6000 sq. ft chapel inside Bill Johnson Correctional Center
September 2011- Hominy, OK Erected two chapels at Dick Conner Correctional Center.  We are in the process of completing these two chapels
October 2011 – Thunderbird Chapel at Camp Gruber, Braggs, OKErected a 10,500 sq. ft chapel for the Oklahoma 45th National Guard with 150+ volunteers


July 2010 – Shenandoah Erected an 8700 sq. ft. educational/fellowship hall facility for Nishna Valley Christian Church


September 2003– Fontana Framed up 8500 sq. ft. worship/education facility for Fontana Christian Church.
June 2009 – Fredonia Built a 6100 sq. ft worship/education facility for Fredonia Church of Christ.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  June 2011 – Copeland Did a remodel job on existing sanctuary to widen for more seating  for Copeland Christian Church.


May 1999 – Louisville Framed up library for Louisville Christian College


April 2008 Berlin Framed up a new 12,000 sq. ft. worship/education facility for Berlin Christian Church


February-March 2002– Everton Build a 3800 sq. ft. dormitory for Maranatha Bible Camp.
January 2003 – Show Me Youth Home, LaMonte Frame up inside medal house for children
June, July, Aug, Sept 2003 – Ozark Christian College, Joplin Completely build a 2600 sq. ft. mission residence /hospitality rooms.
November 2004 – Racine Framed up the inside of their 37,000 sq. ft metal building
October 2006- Foristell Framed up Vision Christian Church new 4600 sq. foot worship facility
October 2007-Neosho Hoover/Tepic, Mexico project


July – December 2000 – Eureka Springs Project coordinator in building a 23,000 sq. ft. worship and educational facility located on Passion Play Road.
December 2008 Hatfield Framed up a new 3 b/r home family who’s home had burned down.


January 2003 – Cibecue Built a 2200 sq. ft. church for Apache Indians on Reservation


June 2005– Fortville Built a home/school for the Christian Youth Home.
July 2005– Oakford Erected 9000 sq. ft. education wing for Fairfield Christian Church. Shingles, insulated, installed windows, sheet rock completely hung.


May 2003– Pineville Frame up inside of metal worship/educational facility for Pineville Christian Church
June 2003 – Lafayette Framed the inside of a family life center (metal building) for North Gate Church of Christ
November 2005– Lake Charles Repaired damage from Hurricane Rita. Installed a new roof on the South City Christian Church. Repaired damage to church members’ home


May 2003 – Arden Project coordinator in building a 6500 sq. ft. worship & educational facility Oak Grove Christian Church


June 2004 – Ft. Thompson Erect the Ikce Oyate Christian Center at Crow Creek Sioux Indian Reservation
September 2006-Highmore Remodel a building for the ministry needs of the Christian Riders Association                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             June 2010 – Ft. Thompson Erected a two-story addition onto the existing  two-story building we built in 2004 at Ikce Oyate Christian Center


September 2005– Pigeon Forge Built addition on to Rusty and Audrey Swafford’s home (missionary to India).
April 2007-Madison Frame up a new education facility for Madison Christian Church


October 2009 – Clarendon Remodeled existing building with new trusses, deck, and moved walls to make the building more useable. 
January 2011 – Brownsville Erected a new 10,000 sq. ft worship/educational center for Christ Church of the Valley


January 2002 -Putla Begin Building a church camp. Completed one dormitory with plumbing ,poured foundation for kitchen and another dorm.
July 2002– Putla Returned to complete building, plumbing kitchen and dormitory.
March 2003– Juarez Build a new church building.
March 2004 – Piedras Negras Repair and complete two dormitory rooms, paint three homes and church building.
July 2004 – Sotuta, Yucatan Advance person to Sotuta, Yucatan, Mexico. We built and plumbed two dormitories for their church camp.
March 2005– El Centinela, west of Piedras Negras Completely build a church building with youth groups from Watonga Christian Church(OK), First Christian Church, Clinton,(OK) and Providence Christian Church, Sugar Land, (TX).
March 2005 –Bravo Built addition of kitchen, fellowship hall, bathroom, to existing church building for Christian Church with faculty and students from Ozark Christian College.
March 2006- Piedras Negras Build a caretaker’s home and a chapel at Chamacuero Church Camp. Coordinated with Ozark Christian College and several youth groups.
January 2007- Mexican Prison, Piedras Negras Build a new chapel and an infirmary addition.
March 2007-Allende Built a large church (48’ x 92‘) building during two weeks of Spring Break.
January 2009 – Piedras Negras Built new church for an established congregation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          March 1010 – Nuevo Progresso Built and/or completed 4 homes for church members and completed existing church building


April 2003 – Manila Attended 100th anniversary of Christian/Church of Christ Churches in Philippines. Built a large church in Bias City, Negros Island
October 2004– Palompon, Leyte Built and completed a church building.


July 1999– Perquito and Monte Bonito Built two churches buildings.

Church buildings in our culture are very useful tools for evangelism. Peter Wagner, Dean of Church Growth Movement, said, “Your church facility is the single most important major factor in determining the scope and dimension of your ministry.”
This is extremely rewarding mission work and we welcome anyone who would like to join our efforts.
15 – foreign projects
47– domestic projects
62– total projects