Sturgis, KY

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Sturgis, KY Project
January 17, 2014 

The fine folk at First Christian Church in Sturgis, KY have invited World Mission Builder Volunteers to frame up their new 22,000 sq.  ft. sanctuary and education building.
  1. Dates:  June 2-13, 2014
  2. Address:  712 North Adams, Sturgis, KY
  3. Contact person:  Rodney Raymond (270)285-3248
The church will provide 3 meals a day and housing in church members’ homes.  The church has a 3 bedroom log guest house with one bath for our use.  
     4. RV parking will be at the fairgrounds which is 2 miles away. They have water & electric but no sewer but we will use the honey wagon.
     5.  They have two or three forklifts, 2 cranes, scissor lifts, 
    6.  Directions:  Those coming from the west on I-44 can access I-64 near the arch at St. Louis.  You will need to go almost across Illinois before heading south at the 110 exit. Sturgis is about 1 hour SW of Evansville, IN.
The folks are ready and anxious to provide everything we need to make this a successful and delightful project.  They will provide a tent for snacks and rest.
Rick & Dianne Balmer went by and checked everything out and were graciously received.  Rick Balmer’s phone # (309)333-5844.
This is a LARGE project and we NEED ALL hands on deck.
This promises to be a fun and delightful project.  I’ve heard their are some beautiful lakes nearby (but you didn’t hear me say that!) Please email or phone Fae to let her know if you are thinking about attending.  
In His Service,


Joe Wilson